TripleTouch SRL, an IT company specializing in mobile applications, graphic design and website development.
TripleTouch SRL was created by 3 partners, each with experience in various fields.

  • The first is a computer consultant who masters computer languages ​​such as Android, Java, PHP, CSS6, Javascript or HTML5. In addition, he specializes in SAP which is known for its ERP (Integrated Management System) software.
  • The second is an IT project manager and senior business analyst. He specializes in application design and has excellent needs gathering and analysis skills. He is also proficient in project management and business creation.
  • The third is an economist straight from the entrepreneurial world. He brings his in-depth knowledge in sales and communication.

Each bringing its added value! Everyone brings their own "Touch" to offer a quality service!

We are always attentive to the needs and expectations of our customers. Indeed, each company / individual has its own specificities and requirements. This is why a study is always carried out beforehand to analyze the customer's needs and expectations. Then our experts develop a strategy to achieve the client's goals and we always involve them in the process so that they can follow their project in real time.


Only trust can build a lasting relationship, which is why the satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of all our expectations.
Our core-business

Our core business is made up of three main activities that we will briefly present to you:

Web Development

A website is a set of web pages and resources linked by hyperlinks, defined and accessible by a web address (url). It is developed using web programming languages ​​and then hosted on a web server

Graphic Design

Graphic design, also called graphic creation or graphic design, consists of designing, within the framework of visual communication, communication media combining images and texts, intended for display on screen or for printing.

Mobile Application

These are programs that can be downloaded and executed from the operating system of a mobile device and are distributed from download platforms such as Google Play, The APP store or the Windows phone Store.

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