A native application is a mobile application that is developed specifically for one of the operating systems used by smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, etc.). Native iPhone applications are for example developed with the Objective-C and for Android with Java.


A mobile web application is a mobile application developed in HTML and accessible and executable through a mobile phone Internet browser. A mobile web application is normally accessible by all smartphones regardless of their brand and operating system.


It is a mobile application that combines the features of a web application and those of a native application. In this way, the mobile application is accessible on all application platforms.

Our stages of development

Step 1

Discovery and discussion around your project

Step 2

Audit and analysis of your demands

Step 3

Establishment of specifications.

Step 4

Realization of mocks up for each screen

Stap 5


Step 6

Testing, testing et testing

Step 7

Certification of the app by download platforms

Step 8

Deployment in production

Step 9

The development teams of TripleTouch SRL have an iterative and collaborative approach, able to take into account all the initial needs of the client. TripleTouch SRL is based on a development cycle that puts the customer at the center. Thus, the client is involved in the realization from the beginning to the end of the project.

Thanks to the Agile method, the requester obtains a better visibility of the work management than with a traditional method. This method aims to accelerate the development of software.

For each project, TripleTouch takes care of the Front End and Back End of the application. In parallel, a team of experts in mobile application development is made available, it consists of:

  • Business Analyst
  • IT-Developer
  • Testers
  • Graphic designer
  • Business expert

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